Skeptical Jack 2 comments

Jack Fact: By taking so many photos and being closely in tune with Jack, his family recognized that Jack lots of different expressions.

*This is called “Skeptical Jack” and was the look he sometimes gave when dad said, ” Come on Jack, it will be fun.”

Warnings Issued 1 comment

Jack Fact: Patrolling the compound often resulting in Jack finding assorted critters where he mostly issued stern warnings. The exception was when he snatched a cicada out of dad’s hand.

*For the record, the cicada had a bad attitude and was talking a lot of trash

Who You Gonna Call? 1 comment

Sing Along Time:
(apologies to Ray Parker Jr: Theme from Ghost Busters)

Dog Slobber

If there’s something slimy
On your face or hand
Eww and on the ball…
Dog slobber

If it feels really weird
And it don’t look good,
It’s spit from your dog…

Dog slobber
I ain’t afraid of no spit
I ain’t afraid of no spit
If you’re feelin things
Spit runs through your hand
It’s his latest haul…
Dog slobber

An invisible slime
Covers everything
Oh, it’s on the wall…

Dog slobber
I ain’t afraid of no spit
I ain’t afraid of no spit
On the tennis ball
Dog slobber
No, you’re not alone
Slobber on the phone
Dry wall
Dog slobber
I ain’t afraid of no spit
I hear it chases squirrels
I ain’t afraid of no spit
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Who ya gonna call
Dog slobber
If you’ve had a dose of a
slobberin dog baby
You know the drill
Dog slobber, oh
Lemme tell ya something
Kisses make ya feel good
I ain’t afraid of no spit
I ain’t afraid of no spit
Don’t pick up that bone no no
Dog slobber
Someone at your door
There’s a big gob on the floor
And need to clean the wall
Dog slobber
Oh, you’re gonna call
Dog slobber!
It’s on the wall
Dog slobber
It’s his latest haul
Dog slobber
Pick up that ball
Dog slobber
It’s on you too
Stuck to a hair ball
Dog slobber
Dog slobber
Yup, you’re gonna call
Dog slobber
It’s spit after all
Dog slobber


Generosity 4 comments

Jack Fact: While Jack was at V.-E.-T. recovering from his 1st M.O.N.T. surgery, Jack’s dad visited and stayed in the crate with Jack in the recovery room. If we had thought ahead, we would have gotten the suite with the king size bed and Wi-Fi

*He also found that Jack fans had stopped by and left Jack snacks and cards for Jack. We remain blown away by your love and generosity!

(M.O.N.T. = Mean Old Nasty Tumor: Jack had three brain tumors)

You Might Turn Into A Pumpkin

Although not confirmed, there’s a chance you will turn into a pumpkin if you don’t order your Jack’s World 2019 Calendar by the end of the month.

*It is confirmed that you will be upset with yourself if you don’t order.

(Jack doesn’t want you upset:Don’t worry, be Jack-ey)


Jack’s World Calendar

Made You Look

Jack Fact: On walks, Jack would often stop and look out at the water, but as soon as dad looked to see what caught his attention, Jack was already moving on.

*it was never determined if Jack was playing a joke or actually saw something.

Jack Wants to Know 2 comments

Jack wants to know if you have ordered his Jack’s World 2019 Calendar yet? (He worked very hard on it )

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*Orders will be filled and shipped when promotion ends at the conclusion of October 2018
**Calendar available for shipping outside of U.S. but will be in the U.S. calendar format
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