Not bored with cardboard 5 comments

Jack Fact: Cardboard shredding proficiency was not natural for Jack. It started with family members calling J-A-C-K:..J-A-C-K….. through an empty paper towel cardboard tube, then giving him the tube to play with, which was subsequently shredded.
(we never succeeded in teaching Jack how to clean up the messes)

Open Sez-a-Jack 7 comments

Jack Fact: On excursions about town, Jack learned which doors to businesses opened (and had heat and/or air conditioning) and were Jack friendly. He would then sometimes take dad into the climate control locations for quick breaks.(and sometimes a Jack-snack)

Red Bed Thread 12 comments

Jack Fact: Being a creature of comfort (and a bit spoiled) Jack had 3 beds.
Jack’s red bed is now being enjoyed by Jack’s “play cousin” Polo. Everybody say hi Polo!

*Jack’s World not responsible if Polo starts putting things on his head or establishes a website

Penalty Box 9 comments

Jack Fact: Jack’s antics started before the “birth” of the Jack’s World official pages. While watching a hockey game with dad, Jack ended up in the penalty box, (he used profanity about a goal scored by the other team) and the photo was posted to dad’s Facebook page and suddenly dad had more friend

Seeing Red 10 comments

Jack Fact: Seeing the red key chain was happy time for Jack. It meant that someone was going into a locked area of the compound and often Jack got to go along. (Jack provided security detail )

*Jack liked to wear the key, but he would start running and it sometimes swing around and bonk him.

They Were Fond Across the Pond 13 comments

Jack Fact: The idea of a Jack paw print as a gift, came from England. For a Christmas gift, a husband secretly sent a Christmas card to Jack requesting his paw print on the card to give to his wife. Jack imprinted, mailed it back to England and the Jack fan received it Christmas morning.

*the husband was voted best husband in the U.K. that day
** all the other wives in the U. K. were so jealous