Nose 7 comments

Jack Fact: Jack was not a one trick pony. He knew lots of games and tricks.

“Nose” was a trick that evolved. Originally the “Nose” command instructed Jack to use his nose push up the brim of dad’s baseball cap pushing it off dad’s head.
Then it was used for Jack to give mom a gentle nose tap on the face at meal times.
Eventually, when Jack was feeling poorly, instead of kisses, he would give gentle nose bops on hands or faces. 
Although never completed, the next “Nose” trick was going to have Jack changing the channels on the remote control when dad was feeling extra lazy

Memorial at the Boardwalk 18 comments

We Have been approached by the Town of North Beach Maryland about creating a Jack memorial!

Jack’s favorite place to walk was along the North Beach boardwalk and pier. He walked, greeted people and other pups, stopped by some shops, smelled the flowers and made people smile.

The concept is not determined, but it could be a memorial where other dogs stop to a get a drink of water, tell a joke, rest or test their E.F.L.O.M. (ear flap-o-meter wind speed devices).

If you are interested, look for a funding announcement Saturday.

(we are touched beyond belief at the outpouring and grief that we are all experiencing. Thank you for your support, expressions of love and understanding)

*Walk where the legend walked!. (don’t pee where the legend peed though)


E.F.F.L.O.M. (ear flap-o-meter ) weather forecasting was often conducted at the North Beach Boardwalk and pier.

Changing of the guard 13 comments

Jack Fact: While just a little pup, Jack and dad were patrolling the compound when they were stung multiple times by a swarm of angry bees. Jack’s mom showered love and tenderness on Jack, whereas dad was left standing alone with his swelling and pain As mom cradled Jack, he turned his furry head slightly and winked at dad. It was then that dad understood it was now Jack’s World.

Barker Bed 14 comments

Jack Fact: Jack loved his Big Barker bed that was bought for his birthday (April 1st) which was around the time of his first brain tumor (before surgery) A shout out to Big Barker (dog bed company) for their generous gift of flowers and sympathy card upon learning about Jack’s passing.

Nicknames 9 comments

Jack Fact: The name on his passport was Jack, but at home he had nicknames:

1) Dad called him “Coo-Coo Nuts”
(Because as a puppy Jack drove dad nuts. Name was based on a toy with a recording that said “you make me coo-coo- nuts” that as a puppy, Jack shredded)

2) Mom called him “Monkey-Doodles”
(Because the underside of his arms (legs) hair looked like a monkey’s arm when he was on his back with arms in the air.)

Bugsy 14 comments

Jack Fact: Bugsy was Jack’s older sister and wasn’t particularly happy when the bratty younger brother arrived at the compound.

*With mom’s and dad’s insistence she learned to tolerate his shenanigans (but with firm boundaries such as he couldn’t answer the phone when her friends called)

Jack’s Last Day 33 comments

Today at 12:16 p.m. Jack was set free from the pain of the M.O.N.T.

The past weeks grew increasingly bad for him and the last few days were really rough. In constant pain and unable to rest we knew that it was time. Early this morning we put on a brave happy face (imitating Jack) and provided a morning full of love, snacks, love, more snacks and more love.

Jack crossed the rainbow bridge with his head resting on Dad’s lap with tender ear scratches and whispers of how loved was loved by so many. Although not confirmed,is it said that at 12:16 p.m the crows grew quite, a gentle wind blew and the squirrels bowed.

Rest well Jack.

Sloppy-Gloppy-Mushy Walk 8 comments

Despite the rain and glop, we went for a Jack walk. We did lots of slipping and sliding (the judges did not award any gold medals though) and got wet, but Jack had fun. Unfortunately it was a long night. Jack never settled or slept even with his favorite neck rubs. Today we stay close with him as he watches television, surfs the internet (has a Starbucks if he is up to it) and takes a few Jack naps