Sometimes when its quiet 8 comments

Sometimes in quiet moments of reflection, Jack’s family still can’t believe the affect Jack had on so many around the world. Thank you to all for your continuing support!

*The Jack Memorial Team (J.M.T.) meets today to review progress and next steps (and of course tell a few Jack stories)!

Battle Scars 7 comments

Jack Fact: After fighting the dog that attacked, Jack had a temporary saggy eye (due to nerve damage) that healed but dad has a small lump on his finger (scar tissue) still ,that is a reminder of Jack..and dad is ok with that.

*dad also broke his watch

Just couldn’t leaf it be 5 comments

Jack Fact: For some reason, when Jack was a puppy, he preferred peeing on a pile leaves and would search out leaves to “do his business” (this included leaves that accumulated on the deck)

*It was years before the family felt safe enough to have house plants around Jack again.

Jack Letter 11 comments

A Letter to Jack: Hey Big Boy, how are things? It’s been almost two months and we still look for you and swear we hear you sometimes. Since it’s getting warm we started cleaning up the yard and found some tennis balls and a Frisbee (Dad hung the Frisbee up in the shed). Bad news…Mom filled the bird feeders and the squirrels are sneaking into the compound, but don’t worry we will figure it out. The good news is the Jack memorial project is coming along well because of how much everyone loved you. I think you would be proud.