Jack Fact: Even Jack’s family was surprised at how easy going he was about balancing new things.

*by balancing we mean, balancing things on his head, not work/life balance, finances….. or any of that easy stuff.

Barefoot Day 1 comment

Jack Fact: It’s National Barefoot Day.

Of course everyday was barefoot day for Jack. (but he also didn’t normally wear clothes either…so if your imitating Jack, be careful.)

*Jack’s World not responsible for any surges in reports of public nudity or streaking

Can You Hear Me Now?

Jack Fact: It’s National Save Your Hearing Day.

Jack saved his hearing for the little things in life that mattered. (such as the opening of the Jack-snack cabinet or sound of squirrel feet on the outside deck)

National Water a Flower Day 1 comment

Jack Fact: It’s National Water a Flower Day. Jack was known to “water” many things, especially while on walks.

*No flowers were harmed in the production of the these photographs 
**Jack’s World not responsible for inadvertent tongue spit that may dispensed beyond desired radiance