Don’t Start Peein’ 1 comment

Sing along time: ” Don’t Start Peein’’
(apologies to Journey and Don’t Stop Believin’)

Just an average dog
Livin’ in a cozy world
He’s wants out to pee, or he’ll go anywhere

He’s a real good boy
House broke and he don’t exploit
He’s wants out to pee, or he’ll go anywhere

He zinged out and across the room
A brief whine and he went zoom
I would smile but that ain’t right
Once out, he goes on ,and on and on

Canines…. waiting….
Pacing around the hallway
Their bladders filling in the night

Help em, people
Wake when you hear the commotion
Happinin’ sometimes in the night

Workin’ hard to change his will
Nobody wants a spill
Sometimes we chance it and roll the dice just one more hour

Some will win
Some will lose
Some were born to dry their shoes

Oh, the saga never ends
Once out, he goes on, and on, and on

Canines…. waiting….
Their bladders filling in the night
Pacing around the hallway

Help em, people
Wake when you hear the commotion
Happinin’ sometimes in the night

[Instrumental interlude]

Don’t start peein’
Hold on to that feelin’
Help em, people !!!!!!!

Don’t start peein’’
Hold onnnnnnnnn!!!!
Help em, people ……..

Don’t start peein’
Hold on to that feelin’
Help em, people…..

(Fade out)

Club Member 2 comments

You can brag to your friends that you knew Jack!
But only one day left to get the shirt that shows you are a club member!
Your’e gonna like how you look..I guarantee it
*All proceeds go to the Jack Memorial (a tribute to the love of dogs)

6 Months 10 comments

A letter to Jack: Hey buddy, it’s been 6 months today since you crossed the rainbow bridge. We hope you are having fun and making lots of friends. We miss you and many people ask about you every day.

The Jack Memorial (a life-size statue of you sitting on a bench) is still being being worked on and is going to be a great place for people and their pups to visit.

Now the bad news. The critters have taken over the compound. Sigh…It’s our fault, we are feeding them. Deer, raccoons, possum, foxes, rabbits, birds of all kinds and lots of squirrels! Just this morning mom and I were watching a hawk as it was sitting on the fence poised to swoop in on a squirrel. Wanting to spare mom from seeing this, dad clapped his hands and interrupted the attempted mugging.

Its amazing how many people you touched. Who ever thought a sickly rescue dog named Jack would affect so many, so far?

Have an extra Jack-snack today for us.

Time is short for shirts! 8 comments

Time is running fast (like a squirrel being chased by an unhinged dog )

Only a few days left to get your Jack T-shirt!  (available in short or long sleeve)

*All proceeds go towards the Jack Memorial, a tribute to dog’s everywhere

Jack Memorial Update 3 comments

Jack Memorial Update: Thank you for your patience and fantastic contributions! We are continuing to make progress towards the Jack Memorial (a tribute to dogs everywhere).

The memorial has been ordered and is being custom designed by an artist in New York. Imagine a bench with a life size Jack on the end, where people and pups can sit next to Jack and take selfies! We also hope to include a dog water-fountain where fresh water is available.

The fundraising is also progressing. We have raised about $18,000 out of an anticipated need of $25,000.
We will continue through t-shirts sales, the GoFundme account, the Friday night stand at the Farmers Market with raffles for various items etc. We are planning a few other concepts too!

If you wish to contribute keep an eye out for the various posts and fundraising campaigns.

Your support is awesome! Thank you for your years of Jack support and your support of each other.

We hope that during early Spring 2019 we will have an unveiling and that you and your dogs will attend.

*Jack would have wanted Wi-Fi also but we won’t be able to include it

It was a conspiracy 1 comment

Jack Fact: After some bad storms and hurricanes where Jack was almost hit by falling sticks, he was often reluctant to venture the compound during a storm.

*This is a stick that almost hit Jack when it fell from a tree or was thrown by a squirrel. The investigation was inconclusive but conspiracy theorists say they saw a squirrel on the grassy knoll