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Yellow Glasses jack

Jack Sit Rep #28: Jack made first post surgery return to the Doctor today…(he wore the cool shades to face the throngs of people waiting for him) Doctor says Jack is doing…GREAT! 1) Staples removed 2) Wobby legs are normal and should recover with time 3) Vision is also better! He explained that due to “hemispacial neglect” his brain is not yet recognizing things (he doesn’t recognize half of his food bowl and will go towards right side of a door) but it should go away.

Next step: Vaccination therapy: a vaccination made especially for Jack. He will receive it every 2 weeks for 12 weeks to eliminate remnants of the tumor and to prevent re-growth.

The prayers, well wishes, cards, donations, packages and caring are pouring in (and rumor is that it has made Jack’s dad “almost teary eyed” but he denies that… look for an upcoming post highlighting the packages and cards and donations!

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