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“Weather “it mattered or not 10 comments

Jack Fact: During 2012 Jack started doing weather reports on his dad’s Facebook page.

*Jack’s older sister, Bugsy, wasn’t impressed with Jack’s growing popularity.
**The suggestion for Jack to do weather reports came from Jack’s uncle Dave

Jack Gifted 6 comments


Jack Fact: Jack loved getting presents and cards. He was very “gifted” at opening them and tried to open others birthday and Christmas gifts. Therefore Jack always got a gift of his own to open at all celebrations.

We have received lots of cards and gifts since Jack’s passing. Additionally, yesterday, Jack’s picture was on at least 8 different dog groups on Facebook. Jack would have loved these gifts.

Thank you!

Natural Photo Bomber? 9 comments

Jack Fact: The sound or sight of a camera made Jack come running. He often photobombed pictures that were supposed to be of something besides Jack.

*Dog experts will tell you it was because he associated the camera with food and praise. Jack experts will tell you it was because he was a natural ham.

Sing along: “Jack Had a Wonderful World” 17 comments


Sing along time: “Jack Had A Wonderful World”

(with apologies to Louis Armstrong and “What a Wonderful World”)


I saw teeth that gleam

A pink tongue too

I saw them smile

For me and you

And I think to myself

Jack had a wonderful world


I saw eyes so true

They gave us sight

His bright look at life

Through hardship and strife

And I think to myself

Jack had a wonderful world


The colors of his Jack show

So funny with this guy

Were also on the posts

Of people saying hi

We saw friends shaking heads

Saying, “What did you do?”

They’re were really saying

“Jack we love you”


Now men and ladies cry

Our hearts hurt too

We miss him much more

Than he’ll ever know

And I think to myself

Jack had a wonderful world


Yes, I think to myself

Jack had a wonderful world


Oh Jack……..

Squeak This 5 comments

Jack Fact: Toys were no match for Jack. Although not confirmed, he is believed to have set the indoor records for “squeaky extraction.”

*In case Jack ever got lost, Jack’s parents put several of the squeak devices around the house and shed, to call for Jack (if you blow into the device it sends a squeaky toy sound really loud and joking. Just don’t breath in).


Sunday, 02/25/18 will represent 1 week since Jack died. In celebration of a dog that inspired people (and hopefully provided some love and laughs) select YOUR FAVORITE Jack picture and make it your profile. (there are hundreds/thousands on Facebook to choose )

2) Wave Of Light Jack’s World: a Jack event being hosted in the U.K. for Sunday 9 p.m. (4 p.m.Eastern Standard time for U.S.)
Hosted by Amie Worrollo

“All of Jack’s World fans welcome to join us in creating a wave of light,by each of us using candlelight,at 9pm (U.K England time) for a two minutes silence,in remembrance of Jack,may his legend and memory live on forever in our hearts,R.I.P Jack, Thank you and Dan for making each day so much fun for us all “💙🌍

Jack Memorial 5 comments

As a tribute to Jack, we have been approached by the Town of North Beach Maryland about creating a Jack memorial!

We have set the goal high in hopes of creating a memorial that will last and be stronger than the M.O.N.T. (Mean Old Nasty Tumor)

Nose 7 comments

Jack Fact: Jack was not a one trick pony. He knew lots of games and tricks.

“Nose” was a trick that evolved. Originally the “Nose” command instructed Jack to use his nose push up the brim of dad’s baseball cap pushing it off dad’s head.
Then it was used for Jack to give mom a gentle nose tap on the face at meal times.
Eventually, when Jack was feeling poorly, instead of kisses, he would give gentle nose bops on hands or faces. 
Although never completed, the next “Nose” trick was going to have Jack changing the channels on the remote control when dad was feeling extra lazy

Memorial at the Boardwalk 18 comments

We Have been approached by the Town of North Beach Maryland about creating a Jack memorial!

Jack’s favorite place to walk was along the North Beach boardwalk and pier. He walked, greeted people and other pups, stopped by some shops, smelled the flowers and made people smile.

The concept is not determined, but it could be a memorial where other dogs stop to a get a drink of water, tell a joke, rest or test their E.F.L.O.M. (ear flap-o-meter wind speed devices).

If you are interested, look for a funding announcement Saturday.

(we are touched beyond belief at the outpouring and grief that we are all experiencing. Thank you for your support, expressions of love and understanding)

*Walk where the legend walked!. (don’t pee where the legend peed though)


E.F.F.L.O.M. (ear flap-o-meter ) weather forecasting was often conducted at the North Beach Boardwalk and pier.

Changing of the guard 13 comments

Jack Fact: While just a little pup, Jack and dad were patrolling the compound when they were stung multiple times by a swarm of angry bees. Jack’s mom showered love and tenderness on Jack, whereas dad was left standing alone with his swelling and pain As mom cradled Jack, he turned his furry head slightly and winked at dad. It was then that dad understood it was now Jack’s World.