Daily Archives: Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jack’s Last Day 34 comments

Today at 12:16 p.m. Jack was set free from the pain of the M.O.N.T.

The past weeks grew increasingly bad for him and the last few days were really rough. In constant pain and unable to rest we knew that it was time. Early this morning we put on a brave happy face (imitating Jack) and provided a morning full of love, snacks, love, more snacks and more love.

Jack crossed the rainbow bridge with his head resting on Dad’s lap with tender ear scratches and whispers of how loved was loved by so many. Although not confirmed,is it said that at 12:16 p.m the crows grew quite, a gentle wind blew and the squirrels bowed.

Rest well Jack.

Sloppy-Gloppy-Mushy Walk 8 comments

Despite the rain and glop, we went for a Jack walk. We did lots of slipping and sliding (the judges did not award any gold medals though) and got wet, but Jack had fun. Unfortunately it was a long night. Jack never settled or slept even with his favorite neck rubs. Today we stay close with him as he watches television, surfs the internet (has a Starbucks if he is up to it) and takes a few Jack naps