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Toweled Off (off the rack) 5 comments

Jack Fact: When Jack was still allowed upstairs (before the 1st M.O.N.T) he regularly went into the master bathroom and using his teeth, gently pulled dad’s towel off the rack and rubbed his face on the towel.

M.O.N.T. = Mean Old Nasty Tumor (Jack had 3 brain M.O.N.T.s)

Sibling Rivalry 8 comments

Jack Fact: Jack was rescued along with his actual litter brother and sister. (Jack, Jill and John )

John was the biggest with black and brown fur (but not necessarily the brightest)
Jill (she went up the hill with Jack to fetch a pail of snacks)
Jack was 3.8 lbs, the smallest and was sick

*we don’t know the whereabouts of John or Jill but they are probably secretly Jack fans

First “Jackie” 10 comments

Jack Fact: This was the first “selfie” by Jack and was posted on dad’s page. It had had only a few “likes”

•notice the famous Jack tongue was already on display
**Technically it’s not a “selfie” more like a “Jackie”
***the “likes” were the ones clicked by Jack and his dad

Free Pass 5 comments

Jack Fact: While patrolling the compound, Jack often encountered deer as they traveled outside the perimeter fence. Jack ran to them and watched but never barked. However humans, cats, squirrels, or other critters were a different story.

*It’s possible that the deer paid with an easy pass toll, but we have not yet located the accounting records

Every time a Jack rings a bell a lab gets a snack 7 comments

Jack Fact: To go outside, Jack would ring the bells hanging on the door, with his nose. (the harder the ring, the more urgent it was)

As he became sick with the 1st brain tumor (M.O.N.T.) he started receiving Jack-snacks as incentive to go to the bathroom outside (the tumor pushed on his brain and confused him ), plus a little spoiling occurred)
Jack soon learned that ringing the bells = Jack snacks.

So…Jack outsmarted his family and started ringing the bells when he wanted a snack.

Cheers 6 comments

Jack Fact: Stories have been shared with Jack’s family about people visiting sick and elderly relatives and using Jack posts to cheer them and brighten their day.

*The first picture shows a few photos of Jack on a hospital or assisted living facility resident’s door. (we are honored)
** The second picture is Jack as he practiced cheering people up

When Jack Smiled 6 comments

Jack Fact: Enjoying the moment comes natural to dogs, but Jack also had a natural smile. On walks, as Jack passed by, people would comment on Jack’s smile (when Jack smiled the world smiled )

*The rumor that Jack was on the verge of a toothpaste endorsement deal were not accurate.

Jack memorial update sit rep 7 comments

Jack Memorial sit rep: For the last few weeks the Jack Memorial Team (J.M.T.) has been researching ideas, scouting locations and gathering estimates for the memorial. Today the team meets again to compare research.

*unfortunately, initial estimates look more expensive than thought.(about double..yikes!)
**Jack’s dad attributes his initial bad cost estimate to a lack of financial experience, because Jack did all the accounting at their house.

Jack Sightings 9 comments

Jack fact: As Jack’s popularity grew, so did “Jack sightings” where Jack and/or family members were recognized in public.

*The first “Jack sighting” occurred when a man yelled “Hey Jack!” from across a busy street. (that man was later elected mayor in his town)