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Teacher Reacher 5 comments

Jack Fact: There are many stories about Jack being the topic of discussion in classrooms and among teachers. (here are a few examples)

– A teacher relayed that she and her students did “Jack raps” and they wrote paragraphs about Jack.

-Another Jack fan (teacher) stated she was in her office and heard another teacher laughing. When she walked over, she found out they were both Jack fans laughing at Jack’s antics.

-A student found out that her teacher was a Jack fan and so the student told the teacher she knew Jack in real life. The teacher didn’t believe the student until Jack took a selfie with the student

*If there are any incorrect plural or possessive nouns, or the lack of subject-verb agreement or run on sentences or other grammatical mistakes, please articulate your observations in a 250 word essay that explains why this is important, what it has to do with a dog and have it on the Jack’s World desk tomorrow.