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Jack the Red Nosed Lab 1 comment

Jack the Black Haired Lab

You know Lassie and Dino and Astro and Scooby,
You know Toto and Benji and Clifford and Snoopy,
But do you recall
The goofiest dog of em all
Jack the Black Haired Lab
Balanced stuff on his nose
And if you ever saw it
You would forget your woes
All of the stuff held up high
Makes us giggle laugh and cry
It never bothers ole Jack
Come join him and be insane
Then one soggy dreary day,
No one came to play,
So Jack with his sense of pun,
Made people see good fun
That’s how the posts all started,
But now he has to go out and pee,
Jack the Black Haired Lab
That’s his story…..

Rub A Dub Dog 3 comments

Jack Fact: After the surgeries, the hair on Jack’s neck was slowest to grow back, so at night his mom took off his collar and rubbed his neck.

*it worked for Jack
**Jack’s dad insisted that his neck also be rubbed so Jack wouldn’t feel self conscious

I Got You Dog 4 comments

Sing Along Time “We Got You Dog”
(apologies to “I Got You Babe”: Sonny and Cher)
They said he was too sick with tiny toes
We won’t find out until…. he grows
Well dogs don’t know if all that’s true
‘But he’s got us and this dog, he’s gonna chew
We got you dog, we got you dog
His doctor bills, may cost us the rent
But it’s just money ,so we don’t get bent
Yes it’s true, dogs may have hair and snot
But we’re willing to give them all that we’ve got
We got you dog, we got you dog
We get sick and lay in bed, and they stay, with us instead
And people get glad, cause their a clown
And when we’re scared, they come around
So they live each day for fun
‘Cause dogs don’t care and with them you can’t go wrong
So put a doggie in your life,
There will be more love and a lot less strife.
We got you dog, we got you dog
I got dog slobber on my hand
If you got a dog, you understand
They want to go for walks you see
Just to spent time with thee
They will watch your house at night
It’s ok if they can’t turn right
We got this dog and we’re ready to go
Watch out he’s chasing a crow
We got you dog….
We got you dog
We got you dog
We got you dog
We got you dog
We got you dog
We got you dog
(fade out)

Bitey Flies 1 comment

Jack Fact: Often when exploring a path/boardwalk that traversed through wet-lands during the “bitey-fly” season, Jack had to run through the wooded part to get to back to safety (usually where the sun was shining)

*Jack never figured out what the “bitey-flies” problem was.
Rumor was they were suffering from low self-esteem, but that theory fell flat when they started demanding people’s wallets.