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For All Dog Kind 3 comments

Sing along time. Sing these lyrics at the upcoming New Years’s eve party and swear they are the true lyrics!
(apologies to Auld Lang Syne)
For All Dog Kind
Should all of Jack’s fun be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should his talent be for naught,
For all of his grind?
For love of dogs my dear,
For all life he shined,
We’ve still got his spirit in us yet,
For all dog-kind.
And surely you have a smart pup,
And surely Jack was mine!
And people talk of his kindness yet,
For all dog-kind.
For all dog-kind, my dear,
For all dog-kind,
We’ve still got his spirit in us yet,
For all dog-kind.

Shocking 1 comment

Jack Fact: After getting static electricity “zappings”, Jack learned to dodge the second attempts to pet him.

* During the cold months his family would accidentally “zap” Jack when trying to pet or scratch his ears.

** Family learned to discharge the static before touching Jack

Held Back From Jack 2 comments

Jack Fact: Christmas was a multi-day affair because some gifts were “held back from Jack” until the next day.

*The strategy was intended to extend the fun
**The strategy also meant extending the cleaning
***Jack didn’t mind.

Twas The Night Before Christmas: Jack Style 2 comments

An annual tradition, Jack’s version of “The Night Before Christmas”

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the fog,
not a critter was alert except for a dog.

The compound was decorated and aglow with light,
but something or someone was plotting for that night.

The people moved around,preparing last minute crap,
while the dog did his job and took a much needed nap.

Suddenly talk occurred about a man in a red suite that would appear,
possibly with 8 accomplices, dressed as reindeer.

The dog who was now alerted to the potential danger,
steeled himself to protect and repel the stranger.

No one else seemed worried about the possible threat,
but the brave and wise dog did…you bet.

So prepare ye homes, sing songs and hang your wreath,
because if reports are correct, it might be time, to show some teeth.

Oh, don’t worry about the gifts and Santa or be alarmed,
no packages, reindeer nor Santa will be harmed.

Although Santa might be scary to some with his ho ho ho and big pack,
not so much..when you have been good and your name is Jack..

It’s a Wonderful Lab 2 comments

Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a dog wears a bell, an angel thinks its a funny thing….

Adapted from the story: “It’s a Wonderful Lab.”

*The story stars Jack, a dog who although facing his own challenges helps others, and whose daily posts touched the lives of so many, and how different life in his community of Jack’s World would have been if he had never been born.