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Black and Blue 1 comment

Jack Fact: During prom season Jack noticed that couples wore “Jack- Blue” ( Jack”s collar) and “Jack-Black” (Jack’s fur) color combinations.

*It’s true, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
**It’s also true that dog fur sticks to prom dresses and tuxedos

Suitable Enough? 1 comment

Jack Fact: Jack’s parents sometimes chuckle when they think about the interview and home inspection that occurred by the rescue organization to see if things would be suitable for Jack.

*They know the importance of these visits
** The “inspector” stated that she had not seen any family as prepared. 
*** Jack’s parents were afraid that Jack’s future big sister, “Bugsy” was going to purposely sabotage the inspection but she behaved.

Jack’s World Family 1 comment

Sing along time: “Jack’s World Family” 
(apologies to the Adams Family a TV show from 1970s)

(snap your fingers here)

He’s sleepy and he’s kooky,
Patient and really groovy,
He’s all together goofy, 
It just Jack thankfully.

His skills are the reason
Lots o people come to see ’em
Jack really is a pleasin’
Jack’s World for you and me

(snap your fingers twice): Not so neat
(snap your fingers twice): He likes to eat
(snap your fingers twice): Especially meat

So turn your internet on
Cause a fun dog you can count on
When you pay a call on
Jack’s World frequently.

Stop and smell the…. 2 comments

Jack Fact: Although always up for an adventure and on the move, Jack insisted on “stopping to smell the pee”.

*If you decide to take Jack’s advise, be careful where you step and don’t place your nose all the way into the puddle.

No Taste 1 comment

Jack Fact: You may not believe it, but there was actually a Jack-snack that Jack didn’t really like.

*Disclaimer: the aforementioned snack is not mentioned by name nor any inference made so as not to compromise any Jack-snack endorsement deals that may still be in effect. (None this is a Jack joke)
**It was also mentioned that certain snacks tasted like styrofoam packing peanuts (Jack would know)

Of Course 1 comment

Jack Fact: While recovering from his surgeries, Jack was weak on his right and only made left turns. Therefore his parents tried different forms of physical activity to strengthen Jack. (of course it was done in true Jack style)

Taking Time 2 comments

Jack Fact: Jack often took time to say hello to people and found that most were just like him, facing issues in life, but they were not as furry.

*point of clarification: the issues may have been just as furry, but the people were not as furry as Jack