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Born To Love

Sing along time: “Born To Love”
(apologies to Bruce Springsteen: Born To Run)

In the past they had to sweat it out on streets or a crate away from love it seemed
All day they waited for someone in conditions that were often too obscene
Sprung from cages some just in time,
To homes they are taken and ready for a howlin good time
Oh-oh, Baby you saved these dogs from attack
Free from the death trap, it’s a s proven map
They got get out, old or young
`Cause dogs like this, baby they were born to love

yes, folks they are

If you let them in then they will be your friend
They guard your house and televisions
Just wrap your heart round the fur and spit
And say goodbye to your tensions
Together you will break the trap
Now dogs run till they drop, with balls they never bring back
Oh-oh, they walk with you until you grow tired
`Cause baby they were just scared and lonely crier
But now they know how it feels
They don’t have to worry bout life
Cause they know when your love is real

Oh, can you handle the pee
(Saxophone solo)

Inside your house you learn the sounds of whines and groans so they can go out in the yard
In cars you see them in rearview mirrors
And the windows get so smudged
The amusing bark heard while in the park
Dogs may tear up the house to show you’re missed
But they will die for you defending you in a fight
How could someone not like this! Huh?


Everyone’s life is packed busy but find time to take them for a drive
Maybe a quick toy play or run tonight
Or a game of seek and hide

Together you can solve some of the madness
A dog will love you with all the gladness in its soul
Oh-oh, they find a way to get under your skin
But when they lick you on your face
Cause they really got to go
Then you see them in the sun
Cause dogs like this
Baby they were born to run

Oh honey, dogs like this
Baby they were born to love

Come on sing with me, dogs like this
Baby they were born to love

Love uh-uh-ve