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A letter to Jack: Hey buddy, it’s been 6 months today since you crossed the rainbow bridge. We hope you are having fun and making lots of friends. We miss you and many people ask about you every day.

The Jack Memorial (a life-size statue of you sitting on a bench) is still being being worked on and is going to be a great place for people and their pups to visit.

Now the bad news. The critters have taken over the compound. Sigh…It’s our fault, we are feeding them. Deer, raccoons, possum, foxes, rabbits, birds of all kinds and lots of squirrels! Just this morning mom and I were watching a hawk as it was sitting on the fence poised to swoop in on a squirrel. Wanting to spare mom from seeing this, dad clapped his hands and interrupted the attempted mugging.

Its amazing how many people you touched. Who ever thought a sickly rescue dog named Jack would affect so many, so far?

Have an extra Jack-snack today for us.

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11 thoughts on “6 Months

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Jack lives in our hearts but as a friend once said about Hoomins, when you need one, you need one with “Skin On”….even though you know the Lord is at hand. Well, sometimes despite knowing our Fur-babies live on in our hearts, sometimes we want them back “with Fur On’….((Hugs)).

  • Sissy Robinson Ropp

    Captain Jack, although I don’t get to post very often, just know that I think about you every day, knowing that you’re having the best time in Heaven, keeping watch over the compound. Continued prayers and blessings to you and your precious family. And I’m so looking forward to visiting your memorial…..the bench that Jack built.

  • Leslie and Quincy

    Ah Jack you are so loved around the world. You’ve left your paw print in each of our hearts. Why does it seem those who reach so many far and wide seem to leave us too soon? Hugs to your family today as they feel that void of your presence. I will light a candle for you at 12:16 in the barn today. Enjoy your freedom Jack, and we all know you will enjoy that extra snack!

  • Sandy Cole

    Oh my , tears again .. Jack is Missed SO MUCH … HE probably SENT all the critters to keep u and mom busy Or Testing u ! Which im sure u failed miserably.. He would be ok with that tho , knowing yall are Still loving him , Still Missing him & Still thinking of him !As SO MANY of his fans are doin the same ..LOVE TO U JACK !!! FOREVER , to the Moon & Back ! And then some !!

  • Chris Rauth

    I miss Jack as if I knew him in person. He was courageous and loving. He reminded me of my yellow lab Betsy who had diabetes for over 4yrs and then when her body gave out and she could not digest food I had to say goodbye. I think she and Jack are at the rainbow bridge toll both having a great time.

  • Elaine Benson

    The tears are streaming down my face again. Jack you have touched so many peoples lives. I miss you so much. I hope you are having a great time with your friends. I can’t wait until your memorial is completed. I will be there for sure. I love and miss you so much Jack!!!

  • Linda J Shelton

    The whole world misses you buddy, you touched So many hearts! I don’t know how many times , when I have worn my “Jack” shirt, someone says , hey I follow him too. I know you are running free with my Sparkie….