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Evidently it’s National Underdog Day. I’d say with all he has been through (being a 3 pound worm-infested rescue puppy, 2 brain tumor surgeries, eye surgery, dog fight) …Jack qualifies and has submitted his resume for official review

Grandpa Tricks 6 comments

Here we see Jack’s grandpa pulling a shiny new dime from behind Jack’s ear.
(Jack wasn’t fooled, but he was upset because it wasn’t a quarter…)

*Jack loves his grandpa and wasn’t really upset
**No grandpas were injured in the trick or taking of the photograph

Jack this ride? 6 comments

For a brief second, Jack was tempted to “Jack” this hot-rod and go for a joy ride..then he remembered that it probably didn’t go faster than 10 mph and he can only make left turns.(so it would have been a real short police chase anyway)

*Jack doesn’t endorse joy riding in “Jacked” rides kids
**Jack also doesn’t endorse only turning left