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Just in case 1 comment

Jack Fact: As a puppy Jack took great care in looking for secure places to bury treats.

*He knew it would be critical if attacks from squirrels or other critters that surrounded compound occurred.
** As a more mature dog, he lived in the moment and usually ate his dessert first.

Explain that to your dog 1 comment

Jack Fact: While walking, Jack would often lie down on the many benches along the path, not because he was tired, but in an attempt to leave mysterious dog hair on the next person that sat on the bench.

*Jack cracked himself up!

**Sorry, if you had a hard time explaining it ti your dog when you got home

Busted Our Bubble 1 comment

Jack Fact: His sister loved it so his family figured Jack would love it… but Jack never took to the concept of playing with bubbles.

*maybe we should have tried the bacon flavored bubbles.
** or maybe we should have waited to give him his own mobile phone and computer.