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Can you ear me now? 2 comments

Jack Fact: One of Jack’s dad’s “fun” things to do was to fold Jack’s ears back. Knowing that the E.F.L.O.M. (ear flap o’meter) was a delicate instrument, he didn’t do it for long.

*Jack tolerated a lot of his dad’s shenanigans.

Sticking his neck out 3 comments

Jack Fact: Due to his M.O.N.T. surgeries, Jack’s neck was shaved along with his head but on his neck the fur grew slower, Therefore to stimulate growth, Jack’s mom removed his collar at night and rubbed Jack’s neck.

*M.O.N.T. = Mean Old Nasty Tumors (Jack had three brain tumors)
**The same strategy didn’t work on Jack’s dad’s hair.

Calling Angels Everywhere 5 comments

The Jack Angel Wing T-shirts are arriving! As you receive yours send photos!
(from you at home and/or with your pups, and/or as your wear it during your travels around the world)

*Here is a picture of Jack wearing a “I Helped Jack Fight the M.O.N.T. t-shirt while wearing a Jack “Angel Wings” t-shirt, where the angel Jack is wearing a Jack t-shirt

Go Find the Turtle 5 comments

Jack Fact: Among the many words in his vocabulary was the word “Turtle.” When Jack’s family asked him to “Go find the turtles”, he knew where to look and often found them, but never hurt them.

(we tried the same trick with the turtles, but they could never find Jack)

You may find this shocking 6 comments

Jack Fact: Because Jack had trouble with his right side and his right paw had a mind of it’s own because of the brain surgery.. Therefore no electrical cords could be anywhere near where he walked (or he would pullover the lamps, television, iPad, refrigerator etc…)