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The Jack Zone 1 comment

He unlocks your day with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of fun, a dimension of dumbness, a dimension of Dog. You’ve moved into a place with no real purpose or substance, just the balancing of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Jack Zone.

Jack the Red Nosed Lab 1 comment

Jack the Black Haired Lab

You know Lassie and Dino and Astro and Scooby,
You know Toto and Benji and Clifford and Snoopy,
But do you recall
The goofiest dog of em all
Jack the Black Haired Lab
Balanced stuff on his nose
And if you ever saw it
You would forget your woes
All of the stuff held up high
Makes us giggle laugh and cry
It never bothers ole Jack
Come join him and be insane
Then one soggy dreary day,
No one came to play,
So Jack with his sense of pun,
Made people see good fun
That’s how the posts all started,
But now he has to go out and pee,
Jack the Black Haired Lab
That’s his story…..

Jack memorial update sit rep 7 comments

Jack Memorial sit rep: For the last few weeks the Jack Memorial Team (J.M.T.) has been researching ideas, scouting locations and gathering estimates for the memorial. Today the team meets again to compare research.

*unfortunately, initial estimates look more expensive than thought.(about double..yikes!)
**Jack’s dad attributes his initial bad cost estimate to a lack of financial experience, because Jack did all the accounting at their house.

Conspiracy 7 comments

Jack Fact: All of the “photo-shopping” was the work of Jack’s human brother.
*Despite having 4 staring roles in motion pictures and countless cameos, Jack never won an Academy award.
**Conspiracy theorists claim that insiders feared that if he won, they would have to change the name from an “Oscar” to a “Jack.”