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Jack Fact: All of the “photo-shopping” was the work of Jack’s human brother.
*Despite having 4 staring roles in motion pictures and countless cameos, Jack never won an Academy award.
**Conspiracy theorists claim that insiders feared that if he won, they would have to change the name from an “Oscar” to a “Jack.”

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7 thoughts on “Conspiracy

  • Lois Urkowitz

    Missing you. Yesterday’s post brought tears to my eyes. Today, a smile. Thanks for your continued posts and memories. Hope Jack’s sister is not missing him too much.

  • Terry Mahosky

    Missing you more every day Jack. I don’t see why you didn’t win an award for one of your movies because you are such a handsome boy. Love you to the moon and back my sweet precious boy.

  • Sally,Maggie, Tiana and Henry.

    Jack, you are a star and always will be. I miss you more everyday that passes by. Hope you sister doing ok! It must be very hard on her to wake up and your not there. Love you always. Handsome Jack

  • Sally,Maggie, Tiana and Henry.

    Jack, Your still are a Star. There seem to be one shining brighter in the eastern area of the sky. Jack you are missed so much. Everyday I think of you and your family everyday in my prays. Love and miss you Handsome Jack

  • Anonymous

    And the Oscar goes to…………Jack !! You are our “shining” star always and the brightest star above . Missing you each day but seeing the posts of Jack Facts brings laughter and smiles Love Pauline DeVito