“Dog-Tail Known as Jack’s World”


Sing along time “Dog-Tail Known as Jack’s World”
(apologies to The Eagles )

On a long internet highway, a cool dog with black hair
He’s warm cool and funny, even sitting in a chair
Looking close or from a distance, it’s a laugh you can’t fight
The jokes might grow weary, but we can’t help but like him
It makes our day and night

Each day he sits on your screen,
it’s an addiction you can tell
All the while thinking to yourself,
“This Jack is really great and he’s really swell”
Then you liked up his page and told a friend that same day
They thought you crazy as you walked out the door,
As you recalled Jack sing…

Welcome to the Dog-Tail Known as Jack’s World
Such a funny place (Such a goofy place)
Such a loving face
Plenty of stupidity at the Dog-Tail Known as Jack’s World
Any time of year (Any time of year)
You can find him here

His sense of humor is Labrador-twisted, he got lots of friends
He got a lot of squeaky, squeaky toys and fun that never ends
How they balance on his head and he doesn’t break a sweat.
Some posts we remember, some images we can’t forget

One day he balanced a napkin,
After someone, spilled some wine
The people said “We gagged spewed and spilled coffee , when we read his punch line”
And still we come and look at what he will do each day,
Wake yourself up early in the morning
Just to hear Jack say…

Welcome to the Dog-Tail Known as Jack’s World
Such a dumb space (Such a great place)
Just a fun place
We’re livin’ it up at the Dog-Tail Known as Jack’s World
Each day a nice surprise (what a nice surprise)
Prepare your eyes……..

Stuff balanced on his head,
The pink tongue hanging out is nice
And Jack said “We are all just having fun here, thanks to this internet device”
And then his mind starts up again,
They just saw the latest release
But they hope he doesn’t cease…….

Last thing you may remember, Jack was
Sitting by the door
He had to go outside and check
Like he did a few minutes before
“Good Boy” said the people,
“You are a good dog and host ……
You can sleep anytime you like,
But be sure you always post! ”

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