Double Checking 7 comments

Jack Fact: While patrolling the compound for critters, when an intruder was found, Jack would return to the same location the following night to check again.

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7 thoughts on “Double Checking

  • Elaine Benson

    That is an adorable picture of Jack. He was so smart and so gentle. It looks like they are both surprised and just checking each other out! I love and miss you so much Jack!!

  • Sandy Cole

    Awww , Jack had a great memory . He stayed on top of things at the compound keeping it Safe for his Family ..Wonder what Jack would have done if that ‘ critter ‘ had Jumped on his nose ?? Missing our sweetie so much !!

  • Terry Mahosky

    Good morning to Jack’s family and to my sweet precious boy Jack. That is a good picture of Jack checking out the frog. That’s double checking Jack. Love to Jack and Jack’s family.

  • Anonymous

    Good morning , Great picture , Jack the protector of animals !! They were just checking each other out with ease , Jack was making sure the frog is ok and no harm to his family , all is well !! You could always count on Jack when protecting the compound . Miss you my friend Pauline DeVito