EVERYBODY FREEZE! (sorry..Jack always wanted to make a weather joke like that)

P.S. Jack cracks himself up sometimes

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5 thoughts on “EVERYBODY FREEZE!

  • Anonymous

    You got that right Jack , it is certainly cold here in Watertown , Ma were l live but by Friday it will be in the 50’s but rainy is what the weather men been saying , let’s hope for a little warmth . Stay warm & cozy and you always make me laugh too, Keep it up , Love ya , Jack

  • Sally and Maggie

    Thank you for keeping us informed about Jacks health. Jack, it cold here where we are, Maggie is not happy about it being so cold. She like to sit on the balcony and watch the little woodland critters. Happy New Year Jack to you and family!!!

  • Sandy Cole

    PERFECT Jack !! PERFECT .. I’m thinking tho EVERYBODY WAS ALREADY FROZEN ..In my part of the World that’s for sure !! Ha Ha .. Love the hat too, keeping ur ears from Freezing up like an ice cycle .. Much LOVE SWEETIE ..