Great Balls Up Higher


“Great Balls Up Higher” (apologies to Jerry Lee Lewis)

He’s got nerve and a bit insane
Balances anything… on his brain
There’s a chance it might inspire….
Goodness gracious balance balls up higher

He’s patient, strong and really funny
Jack came along and now its sunny …
He’ll change your mind, looking fine…
Goodness gracious it’s a taste to acquire

He ate a milkbone baba, woo… tasted good
Chased a squirrel and wore a hood
He’s speaks for all dog-kind
Fell while chasing a crow but he’s fine fine fine fine-ine

He balances eggs and its kinda dumb
Makes us nervous but it sure is fun
Hey there Jack, you drive us whack
Goodness gracious how’d you balance those balls up higher?

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