Impressed with hat-tricks 4 comments

Jack Fact: Jack is the mascot on a Washington Capitals fan page. (they were impressed with his hat tricks)

*for non-hockey fans a hat-trick is when a player scores 3 goals in 1 game.
** for Jack, a hat-trick was scoring 3 Jack-snacks for wearing 1 hat

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4 thoughts on “Impressed with hat-tricks

  • Elaine Benson

    Talk about handsome! You rocked that hat and sunglasses! The Washington Capitals are so lucky to have you as their mascot! I love and miss you so much Jack!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good Morning , No matter what kind of trick Jack did , he always amazed everyone with his talents but l sure enjoy his ‘ hat tricks ‘ and ‘ scoring ‘ those Jack snacks !! What a lucky team to have you as their mascot because Jack ” ROCKS ” !! Miss you my love , Jack Pauline DeVito

  • Terry Mahosky

    Good morning to Jack’s family and to my sweet precious boy. Missing you more every day Jack. You sure look handsome sweetie in your picture today. Love to Jack’s family and to you my sweet precious boy.