In the hood(ie) 5 comments

Jack Fact: The first hoodie Jack tried on (embarrassingly) had a cat on it..(at least it wasn’t a squirrel)


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5 thoughts on “In the hood(ie)

  • Terry Mahosky

    Good morning to Jack’s family and to my sweet precious boy. I don’t think that hoodie would work for Jack. Did Jack try on any others? Love to Jack’s family and to my sweet precious boy. Missing you sweetie.

  • Leslie

    Oh Jack – the only cat you can wear in Arizona is the Wild Cat! I just washed my Jack Hoodie yesterday and hung it away for the summer season. Sure enjoyed riding the trails in it. Sending love to your family Jack. We all really miss you.

  • Sally, Tiana, Henry and Miss Maggie

    Good Morning! to Jack family. I miss my handsome Jack. Glad you are still posting pictures. Maggie thought his hoodie was cool, wanted to know why the cat was black and white like her. Hope you receive the card the “Tribe” sent to Jack. Love and Miss you Handsome Jack.