It’s Milk-Bone Time Song Along 3 comments

Jack Fact: Jack’s dad wrote a song called “It’s Milk-Bone Time” that the family sang before Jack was given Jack-snacks before bedtime as Jack danced in happy circles

“It’s…… Milk-Bone time!
It’s Milk-Bone time…

It’s Milk-Bone time…
It’s Milk-Bone time.

It’s Milk-Bone time…
It’s Milk-Bone time.

Cause my doggy loves his Milk-Bone time.
Ruff! ”

*Jack’s dad also tried playing guitar to it, but that’s a different story
* milk-bone was a generic term for all Jack snacks

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3 thoughts on “It’s Milk-Bone Time Song Along

  • Anonymous

    Morning , l’ve got to say you have written many great songs for Jack and well deserved . Thank you for keeping Jack’s spirit alive for all his fb fans from around the world , it is surely appreciated . Have a Happy Friday !! Forever Jack Pauline DeVito

  • Liesl Forbes

    I need a tune for the song. My Kayley loves her Milk Bones… or any snack… and loves me to sing to her. (She is alone in that last sentiment, except for maybe our cat…)