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A Letter to Jack: Hey Big Boy, how are things? It’s been almost two months and we still look for you and swear we hear you sometimes. Since it’s getting warm we started cleaning up the yard and found some tennis balls and a Frisbee (Dad hung the Frisbee up in the shed). Bad news…Mom filled the bird feeders and the squirrels are sneaking into the compound, but don’t worry we will figure it out. The good news is the Jack memorial project is coming along well because of how much everyone loved you. I think you would be proud.

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11 thoughts on “Jack Letter

  • Elaine Benson

    What a beautiful letter Dan. The tears are flowing again. Jack you were so loved and still are. There is going to be a beautiful memorial for you and I can’t wait! I love and miss you so much Jack !

  • Becky Cassera


    Your dad made me cry AGAIN this morning. There is not a doubt in my mind that they hear you when you are checking on them. People are silly, Jack. We know that you are having a great time keeping heaven safe with “squirrel free” zones. We are the ones that are hurting.
    We miss you tolerating your dad’s need to attempt to embarrass you with his silly antics, that you took in such great stride. Jack, you and I both know that you are so thankful of how much you are still loved and adored, not only by your family, but to all the people that looked forward to having their “morning cup of Jack”. You (and your dad) put a little more spring in their step to face the day in this tough world. Of course you are proud of your dad, he is keeping your memory alive with sharing tidbits that, as a child you would have thought ridiculous, but we enjoy just the same.

    Big hugs and kisses, Jack.


  • Sally, Tiana, Henry and Miss Maggie

    What a beautiful letter to Jack, here I sit writing this and crying. The weather over here is cold rainy and not a happy day. I miss Jack, but God knows you and your family must have a big hole in your heart.

  • Terry Mahosky

    I still look for your sweet face every day Jack but you are not there. Missing you so much Jack. Good afternoon to Jack’s family and to my sweet precious boy. Can’t wait to see your memorial it is going to make you so proud. Love to Jack’s family and to my sweet precious boy.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing like having a good cry , what a lovely letter to our Sweet Angel Jack . Well written Dan & family and yes Jack would be proud of everyone who is putting his memorial together & treasuring every moment as Jack watches from above . Miss you my friend Jack and again such a wonderful letter . Pauline DeVito

  • Sissy Robinson Ropp

    Captain Jack, once again, I heard ‘What a Wonderful World’ yesterday. And, once again, I thought of you, teared up and sang your words, Oh Jack. I apologize for being lax in commenting on your Dad’s posts, I’ve been somewhat preoccupied. But, I’ve been thinking about you and your precious family and praying for y’all. Love and miss you, Sweetness.