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Today at 12:16 p.m. Jack was set free from the pain of the M.O.N.T.

The past weeks grew increasingly bad for him and the last few days were really rough. In constant pain and unable to rest we knew that it was time. Early this morning we put on a brave happy face (imitating Jack) and provided a morning full of love, snacks, love, more snacks and more love.

Jack crossed the rainbow bridge with his head resting on Dad’s lap with tender ear scratches and whispers of how loved was loved by so many. Although not confirmed,is it said that at 12:16 p.m the crows grew quite, a gentle wind blew and the squirrels bowed.

Rest well Jack.

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34 thoughts on “Jack’s Last Day

  • Judy Fraley

    Dan and family, My Deepest sympathy and prayers for you all. My tears are streaming down my face.I so wish that I could have met Jack in person. I loved his posts and looked forward to reading and seeing them. I am so glad that you were his family <3 I know how hard this has been and how deeply it cuts. Please know that I still think of you all as family because Jack was a part of my family. I hope you all know that we (Jack’s extended family) are mourning with you and here for you <3
    Sending prayers and Big Hugs from Annie Bear and I <3

  • Pepper Rauth

    Pepper will miss the daily dose of pics from Jack. He will be missed by so many and I know how hard it is to let go of a dog since almost 2 yrs ago I sent my Betsy on the same trip…I could not watch her die so my memory of her was walking down the hallway and that is how I will always remember her. There are tears in my eyes as I write this note because I dearly loved Jack. I am making a little mini scrapbook with a bunch of pictures I printed out. There is a solo pic in a clear frame of Jack on the Black Pearl as Jack Sparrow and that pic has been in my craft room a long time. Not that Jack could ever be replaced..but I hope you rescue another black lab and teach him all the tricks of Jack. There are a lot of black lab dogs at the Annandale Lab rescue center. I know one day I am getting another yellow lab but until then I have my Pepper.

  • Ken and Ann Sterling

    You are a true warrior Jack ♡ You fought a good fight!! RIP JACK…..All the squirrels at the bridge are in big trouble ! We all Love you and send love and kind thoughts to Dad and Family !!


    The RainbowBridge is shining even more.brightly because Jack Man
    crossed over with his beaming smile and
    radiant outlook on life ! He’ll wait for you n show you around later. Thank you
    Jack! Shine on!! Thank you humankeepers!
    You done good !!

  • Lisa m schaefer

    I’m soo sorry but may Jack rest in peace and my heart goes out to u as jacks mom and dad!wish I could of meet Jack in person he always kept me smiling and laughing I didn’t know him as you did but my prayers and hugs go out to u !may the squirrels now behave love to the u Jack the rainbow may it shine brighter love always

  • Elaine Benson

    My heart is breaking for you. I am heartbroken as well. I loved Jack so much. I know that Jack is running pain free and probably chasing the squirrels! You were great parents to Jack. I know that is one of the hardest things to do. I hope in time that the pain lessens for you. I just hope that Jack knew how much I loved him.

  • Sally,Maggie, Tiana and Henry

    Jack, I hope your flight over the rainbow bridge, was very peaceful and knowing how much your Family and Friends all over the world Love You so Much. May you rest in Peace!!! I will miss you as if you lived right next door. My heart goes out to your wonderful loving Family!!!!! I will be making a donation to the Lab rescue in Handsome Jack name.

  • Anonymous

    Jack the tears just won’t stop, I didn’t know you but I felt I did , I will miss you and all your funny silly ways , you were so loved and I will miss you so much, my prayers and heart felt condolences for your family as they try to go on without you, I know you fought the hard battle and now you are free my beautiful Sasha(Eskimo) was at the bridge to welcome you , she has taken you under her wing to show you the ropes , you both are running and playing in the forever flowers and will be waiting for us when we cross over until then rest well and play hard and we will see you soon love love you Jack Mary Monsegur PS what will I do now? You were the first thing I read in the mornings

  • Sandy Cole


  • Dikkilee Bowman

    Oh Jack! i am sobbing as I write this…..I am so sorry my darling boy that you have had to endure the pain and suffering…If love could have saved you ….you would have lived forever…………..Rest well sweet boy!! and know that I will never forget you!!! I love you, Jack! My motto for life is…”and in the end there is one dance you’ll do alone” prayers to all of your family…………xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Anonymous

    As l’m writing this with tears coming from my eyes , Thank You for letting us share Jack’s world and just knowing how Jack made everyone smile , made us laugh and hoped each day would get better for Jack just by seeing his posts everyday , also such Love , Support and Care from his Precious Family . You are no longer in pain my Friend and Sweet Angel Jack , you are in my heart and mind , Thank You for letting us be a part in your World Jack & Family . Love Ya , Jack……………PEACE

  • Liesl Forbes

    So very sorry for your loss. Knowing the love and care and respect you showed our punny, punny Jack, I can only imagine the pain of your loss. I hope you take some comfort in knowing you gave him the life all dogs deserve.

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing Jack. I love a dog I have never met, and I will miss him terribly. I laughed out loud at his antics, and I rode the roller coaster of worry and relief through his struggles with the M.O.N.T. Thank you for taking such good care of him. You showed us all how do right by our animals, and that is a service to Jack and to many,

    ♥️ Such a good boy!♥️

  • Lois Urkowitz

    I did not expect to be reading this today. I appreciate your love for Jack by letting him go. The MONT was truly what you called it. I know from experience how brave you and your family were to make the decision that we all as pet parents must face. My heart goes out to all of you. We will keep you in our hearts and think of Jack, especially when we wear his tee shirts.

  • McCoy & Daisy

    You were as devoted to Jack as he was to you, that is remarkable. Thank you, Dan & family for sharing that beautiful soul with us he shall long live in our hearts and memories. Mary D. McCoy, & Daisy.

  • Jean

    I am so so very sorry. Tears and a sad heart, I will so miss seeing Jack everyday. You and your family Dan are in my prayers. I wish I could have meet Jack, one strong boy.Sending Love and prayers to all. Thank you for sharing Jack with all of us.

  • Linda Hagel

    I am so sad to read today’s post . Dan, you and Jack fought the good fight. It is so hard to let them go…I’ve been through it several times. My heart aches for you and your wife. You did everything possible to give Jack the best life and he knew you loved him! May he RIP…such a good boy! Thanks for sharing him with us!

  • Anonymous

    Jack will be missed! Thank you for sharing Jack with all of you. Yes, he’s a good boy, but you guys are awesome for all you have done for Jack. Thank you from all of us

  • Deb

    Omg I was not expecting this so soon!!! I’m crying so hard as when I lost my babies!!! Thank you for sharing him with us!! I will forever remember the goofy happy times you shared. May Saint Francis guide Jack to ever lasting life and I know you will see him again!!! THANK YOU

  • Larry

    Dan, you & Denise did everything you could to help Jack, going above and beyond the call of duty. Jack was family, as our dogs always were, and losing family is devastating. He is now, indeed, free. Rest in peace, Jack.

  • Becky Harriss

    My heart is heavy today upon receiving the news of Jack’s final journey. Farewell, dear Jack. Although I never met Jack in person I always thought of him as a dear fur friend. A daily dose of Jack was all that was needed to put a smile on my face, or sometimes a tear in my eye. Thank you for sharing Jack with us. I will always carry a little bit of Jack near my heart. My sympathies to Jack’s family at this most difficult time. May you find comfort in your memories.

  • vivian

    Dear Dan and Denise. In one hand I ‘m so please to you to give me the opportunity to know Jack and to know you as a family with so much love to give. In the other hand i’m feeling bad, with tears and sorrow because I love Jack so much. He was a very lucky lab, he problably thanks you to keep him far from pain and i’m sure that he never let you, he’s problably around you watching and, this time, is his turn to taking good care of you, his loving parents. Blessings

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sorry for your loss !!Make that our loss!I feel as if he was my friend also!!He will live in our hearts forever !!RIp my friend!Run free in the fields of heaven !!!