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Sing along time (no apologies to Gilligan’s Island)

Jack’s World Stylin

Just sit right back and you’ll see his tail,
The tail of a faithful friend
That started as a rescue pup
And now’s a worldwide trend.

This dog was just a wee little guy,
Who’s big and brave for sure.
He makes us laugh and snort each day
His jokes are immature,…. and still you want more.

(Boom. Crash……queue the lightning)

Sometimes life gets hard and rough,
And your favorite toy gets lost
If not for the zaniness to get us through
The crazy line gets crossed, the crazy line gets crossed.

The stuffs sits on his head and Jack smiles ….with marveled style
With a squeak toy…,
The big bone too… ,
The million ways and no strife…,
The internet star …,
The professor of silly land….,
Here’s where we get Jack’s World style. ….

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