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Letter to Jack:

Hi Big Boy just dropping a line to let you you know how things are going back at the compound. No doubt you are making lots of friends and showing off all your great tricks. We miss you lots as do many, many, many others. We don’t think you have any idea how much people you never met cared about you. Someone even suggested a memorial for you at the boardwalk (Maybe something like a “Rocky” statue with water flowing off the tongue..just kidding.)

Lots of comments and cards since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge..but not a single squirrel has entered the compound since you left. There was a big wind storm recently and your E.F.L.O.M. (ear flap-o-meter) would have been put to the test!

P.S. We are sharing “Jack Facts ” now. Don’t worry, nothing really embarrassing (yet).

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11 thoughts on “Letter to Jack

  • Elaine Benson

    Jack we all miss you so much! I bet you were so happy to get a letter from your dad. I hope you are making so many new friends. I love you Jack and miss you so much!!!! I’m sending continued prayers to your family always.

  • Sandy Clapp

    The LOVE for JACK grows with every day, I loved your letter to your boy Jack, he does deserve a Monument, but his followers will never forget him, ever. We are there every hour of every day in his memory !

  • Anonymous

    Such a touching letter and so meaningful , Thank you again for sharing your Jack , he meant the “World” to everyone and still to this day . l look forward in seeing the Jack Facts that you post up everyday , what great memories of how Jack made us laugh , sometimes sad of his M.O.N.T & the smiles he gave us but we know that he is in good hands , no more pain and he will always be in our hearts . PEACE Pauline DeVito

  • Anonymous

    So right Jack, words can’t say how much you are missed, loved and everything. Loving all the jack stuff but nothing you wouldn’t like, the tears are flowing again jack so I have to cut this short, love love you jack. Mary Monsegur

  • Jerry J Deckert

    I loved you jack. First email for me each day. Bless you buddy, your owners and all friends. We hope when the time comes there will be another dog to follow in your footsteps. Compound security and squirrel status are big responsibilities as you did well for years. We know there will be a rescue pooch to assume your tasks. Rip friend.

  • Sandy Cole

    Yes Jack .. THAT LETTER SAYS IT ALL… MISSING U SOOOOOOO MUCH … Oh btw , I think u will just Know if Dad Starts to embarrass u .. and U’ll SEND HIM A SIGN to Knock it off …

  • Sally,Maggie, Tiana and Henry.

    Such a beautiful letter to Jack, as I write this I have tears streaming down my face. Dan, you come up with some beautiful ways of remember Handsome Jack. I know it a good way of expressing your love for this beautiful family member you lost. Love and miss you Jack.