My Milkbona


Sing along time: “My Milkbona” (with apologies to the Knack)

Oh my little pretty bone, pretty bone
When you gonna give me my milkbone-a
When you make my nose smell, my mouth drool
Chew it, eat up soon my milkbone-a
Never gonna stop, eat em up
Such a hungry dog, always pose em up
For the flavor of the tasty treat

My my my i yi woo
My my my my milk bone-a
Can I eat it now, ah will ya huh,
Its close enough to touch my eyes my milk bone-a

Keeping it a mystery gets to me
Drool running down for the taste of my milk bone-a
When you gonna give it to me
Give to me
Is it just a matter of time milk bone-a
Is it just destiny, destiny
Or is it just a game in my mind milk bone-a

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