They Were Fond Across the Pond 13 comments

Jack Fact: The idea of a Jack paw print as a gift, came from England. For a Christmas gift, a husband secretly sent a Christmas card to Jack requesting his paw print on the card to give to his wife. Jack imprinted, mailed it back to England and the Jack fan received it Christmas morning.

*the husband was voted best husband in the U.K. that day
** all the other wives in the U. K. were so jealous

That’s Just Bananas 8 comments

Jack Fact: Food was always Jack’s favorite past time. There were more Jack-snacks than people snacks in the cupboard. Jack’s family rarely worried about the “theft” of their food left on tables or kitchen counters, because Jack was a good boy and never touched it. (he may have figured it was going to end up on his head anyway)

Brother from another mother 9 comments

Jack Fact:
Frankie is Jack’s cousin (like a brother from another mother)
Frankie is sad and balancing one of Jack’s old toys
Frankie is the little black dog in the photo
Snoopy is the squeak toy on Frankie’s head
Well done Frankie..well done

Teacher Reacher 5 comments

Jack Fact: There are many stories about Jack being the topic of discussion in classrooms and among teachers. (here are a few examples)

– A teacher relayed that she and her students did “Jack raps” and they wrote paragraphs about Jack.

-Another Jack fan (teacher) stated she was in her office and heard another teacher laughing. When she walked over, she found out they were both Jack fans laughing at Jack’s antics.

-A student found out that her teacher was a Jack fan and so the student told the teacher she knew Jack in real life. The teacher didn’t believe the student until Jack took a selfie with the student

*If there are any incorrect plural or possessive nouns, or the lack of subject-verb agreement or run on sentences or other grammatical mistakes, please articulate your observations in a 250 word essay that explains why this is important, what it has to do with a dog and have it on the Jack’s World desk tomorrow.

Conspiracy 7 comments

Jack Fact: All of the “photo-shopping” was the work of Jack’s human brother.
*Despite having 4 staring roles in motion pictures and countless cameos, Jack never won an Academy award.
**Conspiracy theorists claim that insiders feared that if he won, they would have to change the name from an “Oscar” to a “Jack.”

Letter to Jack 11 comments

Letter to Jack:

Hi Big Boy just dropping a line to let you you know how things are going back at the compound. No doubt you are making lots of friends and showing off all your great tricks. We miss you lots as do many, many, many others. We don’t think you have any idea how much people you never met cared about you. Someone even suggested a memorial for you at the boardwalk (Maybe something like a “Rocky” statue with water flowing off the tongue..just kidding.)

Lots of comments and cards since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge..but not a single squirrel has entered the compound since you left. There was a big wind storm recently and your E.F.L.O.M. (ear flap-o-meter) would have been put to the test!

P.S. We are sharing “Jack Facts ” now. Don’t worry, nothing really embarrassing (yet).

Don’t Start Peein’ 7 comments

Jack Fact: 50+ songs were re-written as Jackisms. Here is an old favorite.
Sing along time. (apologies to Journey: Don’t Stop Believin’)

“Don’t Start Peein’'”

Just an average dog
Livin’ in dog eat dog world
He’s gotta go out in the rain
Goin anyway

He’s a real good boy
House broke and he don’t exploit
He took no time to explain
Goin anyway

He zinged out and across the room
A brief whine and he went zoom
I would smile but that ain’t right
Once out, he goes on and on and on

Canines…. waiting….
Pacing up and down the hallway
Their bladders filling in the night
Help em, people
Wake when you hear commotion
There it goes again tonight

Workin’ hard to change his will
Nobody wants a spill
Sometimes we chance it and roll the dice
Just one more hour
Some will win
Some will lose
Some were born to dry their shoes
Oh, the saga never ends
Once out, he goes on and on and on

Canines….. waiting…
Pacing up and down the hallway
Their bladders filling in the night
Help em, people
Wake when you hear commotion
There it goes again tonight

[Instrumental interlude]

Don’t start peein’
Hold on to that feelin’
Help em, people !!!!!!!
Don’t start peein’’
Hold on!!!!
Help em, people ……..
Don’t start peein’
Hold on to that feelin’
Help em, people…..

Jack…Where’s your alligator ball? 8 comments

Jack Fact: Alligator ball was a “Jack-snack” game. Jack loved Whimzees dog dental chews, but he was way too efficient (fast) eating them.

Upon saying “Jack, where’s your alligator ball?” Jack excitedly ran around the house until he found the ball, carried it to us and handed it to the person asking for it .(truthfully because he was so excited sometimes he threw it at us)

Jack’s parents put the alligator shaped treat into the rubber ball, Jack then used his paws to hold the ball and gnaw the treat at a slower rate.

Bad Dad 10 comments

Jack’s dad thinks he is pretty smart, but he started something he didn’t think about today by showing Jack’s old fundraising shirt
The fund raising T-shirt are no longer available BUT… the website still has other t-shirts and fun stuff! . We don’t really make any money from selling these, but they are fun. ( Jack hair included this time)

Dad’s favorite item is the Jack coffee mug (Jack’s mug on a mug)



Extra Hair Now Included! 10 comments

Jack Fact: Fund raising for the 1st M.O.N.T. surgery included T-shirt sales (thanks to a Jack fan who helped). We apologized that the purchase may inadvertently also come with Jack hair and other unexplained marks.

Jack fans responded by stating they wanted the hair. Next batch that was shipped had several t-shirts with a clip of Jack fur taped to the t-shirt and a Jack paw print.

M.O.N.T. =* Mean Old Nasty Tumor: Jack had 3 brain tumors