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Jack Fact: Being a creature of comfort (and a bit spoiled) Jack had 3 beds.
Jack’s red bed is now being enjoyed by Jack’s “play cousin” Polo. Everybody say hi Polo!

*Jack’s World not responsible if Polo starts putting things on his head or establishes a website

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12 thoughts on “Red Bed Thread

  • Elaine Benson

    You looked so happy in that picture! Jack you deserved to be spoiled! Good morning Polo! I hope you enjoy Jack’s bed as much as he did! I hope and pray that your family is doing well. I’m sending prayers and love to them. I miss and love you Jack!

  • Terry Mahosky

    Good morning to Jack’s family and to my sweet precious Jack. And a good morning to Polo hope you enjoy Jack’s favorite bed as much as Jack did. Love to all.

  • Sandy Clapp

    Hi Polo ! Enjoy Jack’s bed you lucky dog, I bet you miss Jack a whole lot, I sure do but I’m always happy to take second best and review his wonderful pictures from his great family. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize Jack has gone on to a pain free world. But pictures are GOOD ! Thank you…

  • Leslie

    Oh what a great Jack smile! Love that picture. Love that basket of toys! Good morning Polo. Our pups enjoy those marrow bones too! Glad you are able to keep Jack’s bed filled with love and warmth. Wishing a great day to Jacks family!

  • Sally,Maggie, Tiana and Henry

    Jack, you looked very happy in this picture. I sure miss you handsome smile. Hope Polo enjoys your red bed as much as you did Jack. Hope your days in Doggie Heaven are filled with lots of cool things to do. I love you and miss you!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Polo , nice to met you . What an honor for you to enjoy Jack red bed , bet it’s comfy & cozy. Hope to see more posts of you Polo and yes we all miss Jack too . Love Pauline DeVito

  • Sissy Robinson Ropp

    Greetings, Mr Polo! It’s a pleasure to meet you!! You certainly have impeccable taste lounging on one of Captain Jack’s beds. We hope to see you and Frankie doing Jack Facts, Jackisms, Jack Tricks and all the wonderful and marvelous things that he did. We love and miss you, Jack and think about you every day. Continued prayers for your precious family. And may I say, Captain Jack, you look fantabulous in your picture…sooo happy.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Polo, I hope you are enjoying Jack’s red bed as much as he did, and I hope I see more of you. I love and miss jack but there is room for you too, sending love, hugs and prayers to Jack’s family and yours Mary Monsegur