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Outpost Alpha : Sit Rep #11 SING ALONG TIME:
RIP Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman, trespassed in Jack’s back yard,
With a nasty smile, and a carrot nose, and walnut eyes with no soul.

Frosty the Snowman, was around for about a day.
He was made of snow, but we all know he wasn’t meant to stay.

He must have pissed Jack off bad or made a strange sound,

For when he saw him just standing there, Jack he took him to the ground.

Oh, Frosty, the Snowman, was an intruder you see;
and the dogs all know he had to just go,
just to keep their sanity.

Chompity chomp, chomp, chompity chomp, chomp,
Frosty had to go.

Chompity chomp, chomp, chompity chomp, chomp,
Now he’s a clump of snow.

Frosty the Snowman, should have not trespassed that day,
so Jack said, “Try to run, cause you’re good and done now, that’s all I have to l say.”

First went the carrot, then with a paw to the head, biting here and there, Frosty had no prayer, saying, “Caught you cause I’m the man.”

Jack tackled the intruder and now the streets of town, are safer than with a cop;

and he paused just a moment when he heard the carrot drop.

For Frosty, the Snowman, shouldn’t have dared Jack that way,
For Jack did confess, sayin’ “the wrong guy you did mess, it gets you chomped to bits some days..”

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