Seeing Red 10 comments

Jack Fact: Seeing the red key chain was happy time for Jack. It meant that someone was going into a locked area of the compound and often Jack got to go along. (Jack provided security detail )

*Jack liked to wear the key, but he would start running and it sometimes swing around and bonk him.

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10 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  • Sally,Maggie, Tiana and Henry

    I miss you Jack! Have you earned your wings yet? Maybe we will see shadows of you flying around helping other doggies! I’m sure you will help the ones who have the mean old nasty tumors. M.O.N.T. Love you sending kisses up to you.

  • Terry Mahosky

    Missing you Jack God has a new angel watching over Mom and Dad. Good morning to Jack’s family. Did you help Dad check out the compound Jack and you got to wear the red key chain Jack? Love to Jack and his family.

  • Anonymous

    Morning , What a way to start off my day with another Jack Fact . Love seeing them and remembering all the cool things Jack loved to do with Dad or Mom , even doing security detail around the compound . Mom & Dad have a lovely day and missing you my sweet Angel Jack Love Pauline DeVito

  • Elaine Benson

    Oh Jack! I can just see you running around the compound to make sure it was safe for you and your family. I’m sure you are running around now making sure that everyone is safe. I’m sure you are the head of security! I miss you and love you Jack! Continued love and prayers to your family.

  • Jean

    Jack almost everyday you and Dad treated us to these wonderful pictures. I am so happy Dad is still doing this. You are truly miss sweet boy. Love to Jack family. And thank you.

  • Leslie

    Jack, a happy dog picture. You look good in red! Just like a good compound security dog should look. You are sorely missed Jack. Dad is providing us with great memories and photos to mend our hearts. I hope his is mending too. Love you Jack.