Sloppy-Gloppy-Mushy Walk 8 comments

Despite the rain and glop, we went for a Jack walk. We did lots of slipping and sliding (the judges did not award any gold medals though) and got wet, but Jack had fun. Unfortunately it was a long night. Jack never settled or slept even with his favorite neck rubs. Today we stay close with him as he watches television, surfs the internet (has a Starbucks if he is up to it) and takes a few Jack naps


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8 thoughts on “Sloppy-Gloppy-Mushy Walk

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see you walking Jack , enjoying the slushy snow . We got about 3-4 inches of snow here where l live (New England) but they say by next week , a couple of days hitting almost in the 70’s , can’t wait !! Enjoy your day , your Jack-snacks and some Jack-flixs and get comfy & cozy . Love to you Jack & Family

  • Liesl Forbes

    I wish I were able to come to you and help! I just want to give Jack hugs and help you all through a most difficult time. Virtual hugs for Jack and his family!! Put out the ”Jack signal” if you need more help- Jack’s fans will flood in form all directions. ♥️♥️

  • Sally,Maggie, Tiana and Henry

    Good to see your up and about Jack. Glad you had a fun walk, and Jack snaks. Watch out for that Starbucks, hop it wasn’t double shots Praying everyday Sweet Handsome Jack. Love You.

  • Sissy Robinson Ropp

    Happy Sunday afternoon, handsome boy!! You get 10 across the board….gold, gold, gold!! You make Team USA proud!! Take a nice nap, watch some must see TV, chow down on some delicious Jack snax, take a walk around the compound and repeat. Love you much, Captain Jack!! Nitro, Fendi, Bentley, Bella, Knox, Noir, Darby, Dexter, Sissy and Rob.