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Jack Fact: Toys were no match for Jack. Although not confirmed, he is believed to have set the indoor records for “squeaky extraction.”

*In case Jack ever got lost, Jack’s parents put several of the squeak devices around the house and shed, to call for Jack (if you blow into the device it sends a squeaky toy sound really loud and far..no joking. Just don’t breath in).


Sunday, 02/25/18 will represent 1 week since Jack died. In celebration of a dog that inspired people (and hopefully provided some love and laughs) select YOUR FAVORITE Jack picture and make it your profile. (there are hundreds/thousands on Facebook to choose )

2) Wave Of Light Jack’s World: a Jack event being hosted in the U.K. for Sunday 9 p.m. (4 p.m.Eastern Standard time for U.S.)
Hosted by Amie Worrollo

“All of Jack’s World fans welcome to join us in creating a wave of light,by each of us using candlelight,at 9pm (U.K England time) for a two minutes silence,in remembrance of Jack,may his legend and memory live on forever in our hearts,R.I.P Jack, Thank you and Dan for making each day so much fun for us all “💙🌍

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