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The Little Lab That Could (WARNING! Have tissue handy: Apologies to “The Little Engine That Could)

There was a black Labrador named Jack that was a rescue that found a new home.

He went along very well finding new friends on the internet and everywhere he went till he started to feel bad. He knew what he wanted to do but his brain wouldn’t tell his body how to do it.

He tried to play and eat and do what dogs do but he hurt and couldn’t do them even though he worked hard. For months he tried to be himself and huffed and puffed but everything was hard and everything seemed to hurt. He tried to sleep and feel better cause sometimes that works.

But no! The Labrador didn’t get better.

At last his parents knew that Jack wouldn’t get better alone. They visited some doctors who figured out that he had a brain tumor. Jack and his parents were scared but do you think that Jack was going to give up or that he was all alone? No, indeed! Jack knew that he was not alone and that although it was a big fight, he was going to do his best.

“Surely Jack’s fans will understand” Jack’s dad thought.

To the doctor for the surgery the brave dog went. Over the internet the news raced and the fans that loved the little lab, said ‘Jack we want to help”, We love you you! You, you! We love you!

Pretty soon Jack went to a hospital and he saw all kinds of scary machines and other dogs that were sad looking and sitting in crates. Jack looked at these dogs and machines and said:

“I don’t feel very good, my heads hurts. Do you know what will happen to me and why I feel so bad? “

The big machines just clicked and whirred but another sick pup looked at Jack and said:

“I don’t feel good either and I’m scarred too. They have been nice to me and I’m sure they will help you too.”

The sick Labrador was scared and sad, but he went on even though he felt blue. He felt blue! Blue, blue! Blue, blue! Blue, blue! Blue, blue!

Soon he came to the day of the surgery to remove his brain tumor. He already felt very sick and now he had to go and stay at the scary hospital.

“That’s ok my family will stay with me.” thought the black Labrador. He arrived at the hospital and asked:

“Where will my family sleep while I fight this Mean Ole Nasty Tumor?”

Jack’s family answered:

“We can’t stay big boy, but they will take good care of you. We love you and we will visit as much as we can. Be brave!”

“I’ll try,” said the sick black Labrador and off he went. Boohoo! Boohoo, boohoo! Boohoo, boohoo!

After a while the surgery was over and he came home to recover and family and friends said:

“Jack we will help you over the hill and fight that Mean Ole Nasty Tumor!

“Yes, indeed!” said the black Labrador “I’ll be glad to have your help fighting the M.O.N.T.”

So the black Labrador fought hard and struggled to stand and walk and eat like a regular dog.

Together they fought. Huffing and puffing making slow progress each day!

Slowly Jack begin to feel better and together his family and friends supported him when he bumped into doors, turned only left and when he fell down. Slowly they climbed the steep hill. As they fought Jack began to sing:

“I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can!–”

And he did! Very soon he was getting his anti-M.O.N.T. injections and they were over the hill and going down the other side.

Now Jack has been told by his doctor that he is looking good and he should continue to get stronger and resume squirrel patrols. So Jack thanked his doctor and his crew and his family and friends and was ready to see what the next day’s adventures would bring.

And Jack went merrily on his way, singing:

“I-fought the M.O.N.T.! I-fought the M.O.N.T.! I -fought the M.O.N.T!”


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