Welcome to Jack’s World


“Welcome to Jack’s World” (apologies to Guns N Roses)

Welcome to Jack’s World
He’s got fun ‘n’ game
He’s got goofiness every day
Funny, that you know his name…
On the internet you can find
All the dog hair to make you sneeze
But if you like dogs and like em funny, honey
Jack does it with ease

In Jack’s World…..
Welcome to Jack’s World
The dumbness will make you snort and
wha wha wha…wheeze, wheeze…
He’s gonna make you pee!

Welcome to Jack’s World
He takes it day by day…
Learn what he’s like it’s so easy to see
Rippin toys and chasin squirrels is Jack’s way ….

And he’s a very smart boy
Balances stuff and makes our day
He likes the camera lights
Ready to show his skills so everyone can see

In Jack’s World
Welcome to Jack’s World
Did you see his, his, his last post…..
It,.. it.. made me scream!

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